August 26

Start with the Need with Jim Infantino



In this episode my guest is Jim Infantino.

Jim Infantino is a singer-songwriter, business owner, book author, meditation teacher and father.

In this episode you will hear the story of him starting his business, how he does it all and what he has learned in his journey.

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What I take away

I loved that Jim always prioritised his self-expression and followed it no matter what. That led him to writing his songs, creating a business and writing books!

He inspired me with his courage. He accepted a job writing code on Mac, without being able to write code on Mac and learned on the job.

This courage was one of my main take-aways: just do. Nobody knows anyway, everybody is scared, you might as well go and do it. And expose what you are hiding. Oh well, Jim said it so well, read from his words:

Jim Infantino

You get on stage. If you try to hide up there, the audience will hate you. But if you look at anything you might be hiding and then expose it and just be 100% there for people, they'll love you. So to be a great kind of performing artist of any kind you need to learn this courage of emotional undressing, you know taking off those metaphorical pieces of armour completely before you go on stage. If you want to be successful you can't hold anything back. So, I think, doing that over and over gave me some courage to try new things, because why not. And also when you do that, you realize how frightened everyone is. People in the audience like it because they're scared. They want to be able to do that but they can't. Because they're not practicing, they don't have to, so they don't. They admire people who do. So that gave me a sense. Oh, nobody really knows anything, I might as well try and learn it myself. There's no reason to think I can't."

More about Jim

Here is Jim's bio with his own words:

"I have spent most of my life as a touring songwriter. The music of my band, Jim's Big Ego, has been featured on NPR multiple times and I enjoy a cult following. Typically, when inspiration for a story struck, I wrote a song. Some years ago, the inspiration for a longer story hit me, and I decided to write a novel.

When I'm not out touring, I write code and create websites for artists and small businesses. I live in Boston, MA with my wife and two young daughters.

I am driven by the need to create something new and original. I have always been this way. In my songwriting career, I have endeavored to write lyrics that will catch the listener and encourage them to try out a new perspective on life. This is what drives my writing now. Speculative Fiction tends to focus on negative trends, but creating a compelling dystopia doesn't interest me. Like the present, the future will be a mix of good and bad. I try to imagine the good that might arrive in spite of all the bad because imagination is the first part of creation."

You can learn more about Jim via his website.

You can learn more about his band Jim's Big Ego here.

You can watch Jim's home concerts here on his YouTube channel.

You can listen to the podcast Unique Careers, Unique Lives on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

If you think someone needs to listen to this episode, please share it with them. Take care of yourself and stay courageous till we talk next time.



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