November 8

Open Ended, Ever Changing Journey with Ineke Vermeulen



In this episode my guest is Ineke Vermeulen, senior marketing manager, public speaker, lecturer, leader and mentor.

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Why should you listen to this episode

Ineke has a non – linear career story which can inspire you to go and give it a try to the things you are not sure of. In her story you can discover how to stay in a company close to 20 years and still find purpose and excitement in what you do. You can see a new way of looking at your career, how you can enrich your life and lives of others by following your other interests, sharing your knowledge and experience. And plus Ineke is a great story teller!

The Key messages I took away

When you are stuck and don’t know how to move forward, it might help you to move forward in the direction your friends show. Ineke did that. She said her friends knew her probably better than she knew herself. She took the jobs her friends suggested and they all helped her to discover certain parts of her, things she enjoyed and she was good at.

Ineke found a very specific niche for her work which combines her skills and passions. She calls herself “Technology whisperer”. Arriving at this awareness took her multiple jobs, lots of meetings with various people, multiple projects. It was all possible through action. Take action and reflect on it. That is the way of finding work you love.

She created a new career direction for herself by thinking “what is needed in my organization and how can I contribute”. She proactively approached the department head and told her interest in the team, she got the position.

I loved how Ineke said “The company changed, and I changed with it.” There was a constant that she cared, the values of the company, the colleagues and the work environment. She could always find herself an interesting position in the company where she could grow and contribute.

Apart from being a great communicator and proactive, I believe Ineke’s biggest strength was seeing : seeing opportunities for growth and contribution. We all can see – if we look out for it.

Episode Notes

05:06 Ineke shares her current profession

9:21 Ineke’s career journey

21:28 What kept her in the same organization for 19 years

24:24 Unlike many people, Ineke did not stay where she was stuck, tried out different things and finally found her place. Ineke answers what contributed to that courage and way of action.

34:33 What Ineke envisions for her work for the future

If you would like to know more about Ineke, visit her website www, . You can also find Ineke on LinkedIn and Xing. If you have a message to her, you can send it to

In this episode we mentioned Toastmasters International, where Ineke and I are both members. You can find more information about Toastmasters here.

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I am a LifeWork coach, the author of the book The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work, the host of Unique Careers, Unique Lives podcast, and the co-founder of BeCoach Academy. Learn more on

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