June 17

Mix Things You Love with Simon Jendrian



In this episode my guest is Simon Jendrian. Simon is an IT professional, founder, and a dancer.

Simon arranges his time in a way that gives him enough space to practice dance.

He now brings dance and iT together in his new project.

If you want to hear more about his mixing things he love (IT and dance) and how he discovered dance was his passion, please listen to the 22nd episode.

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The Key messages I took away

I loved how Simon decided to try dance. He said "Dancing was not something anybody would expect from me”. He tried it and he fell in love with it.

What could be our passions if we tried, we would discover?

Simon attended lectures at the university while he was still in high school, which was through the direction of his maths teacher. He was nearly finished with all the lectures at the university when he started studying so he chose lessons from business.

He reminded me again of the importance of other people in our lives. We can discover new paths, possibilities and directions because they see us and our potential.

I loved how Simon approaches work. He likes the work he does. He sees the benefits of the work he does not only as money but also as the flexibility that he has.

When I asked Simon about being stuck, he told me the difficulties that he face, sometimes facing the disappointment of a not great performance, sometimes the struggles of learning but he said he reminds himself to take one step at a time and he takes one step at at time.

It feels like he practices "being stuck”in dance, as it is inevitable, and the skill of going forward even though you feel stuck is a skill that we all can develop. And we can develop it in any activity we choose.

When you can take one action, it means you are not stuck anymore.

What is a little step can you take?

Episode Notes

We talk about Writing In Community, which is how we met, you can find more information about Writing in Community here.

You can get in touch with Simon via Instagram @simon.dogsfam

Take care of yourself, mix things you love, create new things and talk to you in the next episode!



About the author 


I am a LifeWork coach, the author of the book The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work, the host of Unique Careers, Unique Lives podcast, and the co-founder of BeCoach Academy. Learn more on isiluysal.com

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