October 15

It Starts With You



In this episode, I am behind the microphone talking about you being a leader by sharing your ideas, your passion, your vision, inviting others in and being there for others.

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Episode Notes

I am talking about this video of Marie Forleo.

Here is the Amazon link of Seth Godin's Book "The Tribes"

You can find the podcast I do for BeCoach Academy here.

If you think someone needs to listen to this episode, please share it with them. We will change ourselves together, we will change the world together, we are in this together!



About the author 


Hello! I am the host of Unique Careers, Unique Lives Podcast, a coach that help people align with who they are with what they do and the co-founder of BeCoach Academy. My purpose is to create words, emotions, connections & spaces where one can be truly themselves.

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