March 12

Get Out of The Analysis Paralysis with Isil Uysal Calvelli



It is again a number of episode that is a multiple of 4, which means it is your host Isil on the microphone alone.

In this episode I am sharing my analysis paralysis and ways to get out of it. I am also reflecting on the past 3 episodes.

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My Analysis Paralysis

I had lost touch with my old website, I did not like the domain name/ the brand name anymore. I still wanted a website to refer to you in the podcast for episode notes. One option could be my name website but my name is very difficult to grasp and I would need to spell it, you would need to write it down and things get difficult. Another option could be having a website that carries the name of the podcast. That would make things easier for the listeners but then it is an additional website to manage. I did not want to create more work for myself and complicate things. I just couldn't come up with a decision and got stuck in the paralysis. For some time. Till I went through the steps below.

3 Steps to Help You Get Out of Analysis Paralysis


Talk things through with someone else

Talking things with some else will give you clarity. When someone else asks you questions,  you reflect on them, you hear yourself speaking, you hear your own words. You might realize that it is not heaven or hell, it is not that serious or there might be other perspectives you can take. You can reflect on what is important to you and your real intention


Take one action

Take a small action that involves minimal risk and see how that feels. When things outside of you start moving, things inside of you start moving too. You can shift your perspectives and get more curious to try something else. Now you are not paralysed anymore.


Imagine you resolved this challenge

Imagine you have solved this challenge, the next one and all the other future ones and you reach to this place in the future where you know, everything works great, everything will work great: You can make the right decisions you are experiencing the life that you want to live, you are this wise version of yourself. And looking from there, how relevant is this? How will this decision impact that? 

I hope you don't feel you are stuck in analysis paralysis ever but if you do I hope these steps would support you.

Reflecting on Episodes 13 , 14 and 15

In the second half of the podcast I reflected on the last 3 episodes.

In the 13th episode, my guest was Allegra Stein and Allegra shared with me her way of getting unstuck, and it's quite similar to what I told you in this episode:

  • Taking one step, seeing how it impacts, and taking another step.
  • Making requests: What new requests can you do, what new action can you take? 
  • Being comfortable with the change with the unknown. 

My next guest in the 14th episode was Duygu Yuruk, who is a great friend of mine and it was such a pleasure talking with her. I have seen another side of her. I have seen the business person side of her how she's passionate about the things she does. I've seen especially her interest in discovering the potential of organisations, projects and people, trying different things and bringing this potential to live. I feel she's one of these people who found her passion quite early. She loves selling, she was good at it and she followed it. And whatever she took in her hand, she gave her full heart and mind to. She always challenged herself with the next thing.  She grew and her potential grew with every step she took. From this perspective, actually, we can all look into our lives in such a way and think "What is the next challenge?" 

We can look at our lives when we experienced some hardships and difficulty we can see "Oh, that's a new challenge. What will I learn from this? How will I grow from this? Instead of pitying ourselves that we cannot make it or how poor we are, we can see "Oh, what do I need to learn from this?", "How will my learning help myself and others?"

I think if we can see life, career and everything from this perspective we would be feeling more alive. And feeling alive is personally a very important value of mine.

15th episode was another delight. This time my guest was Mina Fung. Mina is fire. She has this deep wisdom of hers which shares like sweetly and comfortably. She shared her own struggles of transitioning from a highly successful corporate life to entrepreneurship and how she found herself in a place of coaching.

She emphasised  again the importance of experimentation. While we have a job, we can experiment with other projects and work fields on the side to see how we feel about them, That is how we can plan our unique careers and create a beautiful mix for ourselves rather than just directly jumping into it.

She also shared how she thought she could just start selling art by getting agreements with artists to sell their art pieces. Instead, she found out that it was actually the buyers who played the most important role. If you are considering running your own business and creating something new, it is important to go out and have conversations with people who we want to serve. Then when we are ready to go and start serving, we know how we can support them. And we already have contacts that we can go  and offer our services to and get feedback from. Because even if we cannot sell, the feedback we would get from our contacts would give us the benefit of serving them better.

From our conversation what Mina said about learning also stayed with me. For a long time she has hidden herself behind learning. She said "I need to learn this more, that more" and that she kept herself busy with courses and with learning. But in the end the result was that she already knew a lot. What she needed to do was to extract the core of her learning and bring it as a service to others, how she could package what she already know and put into service of others. And by doing that she started refreshing current learnings and enriching herself from this perspective. 

What is it that you already know that you can offer to service of others?

I love podcasting for this opportunity of deep conversations. When you create the space, something magical arises. When you deeply listen to another person, you can feel so much energy and wisdom coming from them. It's important that you are present. And you can notice it in your body, how that impacts you.

I'm very grateful to all my guests who accepted to talk with me Because I learned so much from them. And I hope you also learn from this podcast and from my guests. 

I would love to hear from you!

I would be grateful if you share with me how I can serve you better. Who should I interview? What do you want to learn more about? And also give me feedback about what you liked so that I can do more of that. I am looking forward to read your thoughts in the comments.

I wish you the presence, feeling alive and seeing what life offers as a gift and opportunity to grow and to serve others.



About the author 


I am a LifeWork coach, the author of the book The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work, the host of Unique Careers, Unique Lives podcast, and the co-founder of BeCoach Academy. Learn more on

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