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From: Your Heart, To: Favorite People, cc: Universe with Gaby Feile



In this episode Gaby Feile is my guest. Gaby is the founder of “Klub der Kommplizen” which means club of accomplices. Their purpose is to turn companies into favorite places for ALL, i.e. all people and the planet. They close the knowing-doing-gap because they believe that action speaks louder than words. And that it is high time to DO what is needed.

Gaby and I met at a meetup of Live Your Legend in Munich in 2016 and I have been following her journey since then. I have been witness to her passion of sharing her vision and connecting people around her values and wanted to talk with her more about how one finds the clarity about what one’s vision/ mission is and to learn more about her journey of creating her business.

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Why should you listen to this episode

First of all for some energy – I believe energy is contagious and Gaby has a lot of it – that will definitely inspire you. How one changes careers, how one finds an idea for a business, what happens if you quit your job without any alternatives and money, how do you gain clarity about your vision and mission? If any of this questions intrigued you – you should listen to this episode.

The Key messages I took away

Life is full of surprises, what you think is a bad day of your life may turn out to be a door opener to something wonderful. That is what I felt after listening to the story of Gaby. You need to be open and flexible and follow the doors that open in front of you. The connections matter. And the best way to connect is to share who you are. Share what you believe in, what matters to you, share your struggle. One word from a friend can help you to take a new step. That was how Gaby moved from banking to hotel industry and then to HR and HR gave her the glimpse of her mission. She realized her mission connecting with people who share the same values.

Feed your soul, feed your mind, feed your heart. Go out meet people, read, write. Take time and reflect, what resonates with you. If you cannot identify with an idea, create your own, adapt things to yourself. Gaby shared her inspirations in creating her vision but she made things her own by changing, eliminating, adapting.

What we believe about money can be stopping us from taking the necessary action for ourselves. Gaby said you don’t need money, it is time you need to work on yourself and your idea. And to have this time, you will need to pay your bills and eat and have necessary expenses covered but your necessities will change and you will always find ways to cover these necessities.

In German leadership is called “Führungskraft” – it is also a title. When you are a leader, you are also called “Führungskraft”. This word is composed of two words: “Führung” which means leading and “kraft” which means power. Gaby says “Führungskraft” is not a special person it is the power that each of us have or can have when we use this power. We all have the power to take action beyond ourselves, for others, for the world. We should remember our power and create environment that allows us to exercise our power. That is what “Klub der Kommplizen” is about.

And what I loved the most is to remember the power of universe. They included Universe as one of the team members in the website and they have an email address where you can send emails to the universe. What a fun idea! And how nice it is to remember that not everything is under your control and magic can happen! Loved it!

Universe is part of the team in Klub der Kommplizen (the team is bigger than that – only a part of it is shown here, you can see all the team on

Episode Notes

01:58 Gaby explains her title and tells about the Klub der Kommplizen (Club of Accomplices)

11:52 How Gaby gained clarity about her mission

19:23 How Gaby made the decision to quit her job and start her new journey

26:47 How Gaby managed the financial side of her life and stayed committed to her vision

31:44 Gaby tells her career journey, the changes she made and their impact on her

38:45 How can individuals be an accomplice

46:00 Gaby tells about Spielzeit (Play time) where accomplices will start working together for a full year for their missions

You can learn more about Klub der Kommplizen on their website . You can also find them on LinkedInTwitter (@kommplizen) and Instagram (@klubderkommplizen).

In our conversation Gaby talked about the video of Scott Dinsmore – you can watch it here. She mentioned the influence of Simon Sinek’s course which you can find here. She also talked how the book of Stefan Merath “Seine Kunden zu Lieben” (in German) was useful to her, here is the link to the book on Amazon.

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Photo credits for Gaby’s photo in this blog post: Felix Meinhardt

Photo credits for Gaby’s photo in the episode sound file: Lilly Vasic

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