November 25

Check In and Blend In with Frank Jaeger



In this episode my guest is Frank Jaeger. Frank is a professional coach and trainer. I met Frank in an international coaching conference in Prague and loved his energy. He shared part of his career story and I was hooked. In this episode I am finding more about it and so will you.

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Why should you listen to this episode

Maybe you are feeling that the work you are doing for the moment is approaching to an end for you, then you should definitely listen to this episode. What about how to create more business opportunities, new ideas, keep life interesting? If these sound intriguing this episode is for you. What if I told you that there is something vital (actually 5 things) to learn from improv theatre? Yes, the answer is in this episode too.

If none of these really apply to you, I am sure you will be energised listening to Frank because he definitely energised me.

The Key messages I took away

A career is an evolving story and we bring bits and pieces together, enrich our career and make it more specific and unique as life goes on. I loved Frank’s career story. His first idea of what he wanted to be was influenced by his father. He added sports to it being inspired by his girl friend- then a surprising meeting with a new activity came into place: he discovered movement theatre. He started a troupe, connected with people through theatre and turned it into an activity called business theatre. He then discovered coaching for himself in a time where he felt the business theatre activity was coming to an end and moved into this field.

He defined life like surfing the waves and he himself mastered the surf – that was what I felt when I listened to his story.

He made his last career change in his 40s which is a late age for many people for such a move. I asked him what gave him courage, he said he always listened to his intuition. Trusting his intuition was always his best guidance. When he fell off the surf he took time off, checked in with himself how things were going, thought what he could blend in from himself to life and got on to ride a new wave.

I loved what he learned from doing improv theatre and how he uses these principles in his life and in his work. It is all about saying “yes + and”, not preparing too much but showing up, celebrating mistakes (which he calls something special – find it out yourself in the episode) and making your partner shine.

I was moved by his purpose which I felt he was living – I experienced his energy just having this conversation with him.

Episode Notes

03:53 How he changed his career in his 40’s

06:42 His story of starting the business theatre

10:04 How the movement theatre passion turned into a business

12:10 How he meets people and create connections which turn into business opportunities

15:24 His purpose statemeny

17:41 Experimenting, checking in and blending in

19:48 What to doubt and what to trust

23:13 Improv principles

If you’d like to connect with Frank, you can find him on LinkedIn.

In this episode we mentioned about Coaching and International Coach Federation (ICF), you can find more information about these on the website of ICF.

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I am a LifeWork coach, the author of the book The Gift of Being Unfulfilled at Work, the host of Unique Careers, Unique Lives podcast, and the co-founder of BeCoach Academy. Learn more on

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