December 2

Becoming an Entrepreneur with Ceren Sungu Kalpaklioglu



My guest in this episode is Ceren Sungu Kalpaklioglu. Ceren is an entrepreneur and the founder of Pabbler, which enables you earn money travelling, carrying items in your luggage.

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Why should you listen to this episode

Have you ever wanted to create your own business? What does it take to become an entrepreneur? How does the journey look like? How can one prepare herself for the entrepreneur life? If these questions intrigued you, you should listen to this episode.

The Key messages I took away

I loved listening to Ceren’s journey. For me it felt like being an entrepreneur is an attitude – it is looking at life and asking how can I make things better. You can be an entrepreneur in your job or you can found your own company.

Ceren did both and she said the best way to prepare for founding your own company is to work for another company. While you are working for another company, try to work in all possible functions like sales, marketing, accounting, operations… because you will need to do all of this when you found your own company.

Ceren mentioned how supportive it was for her to have visited the Founder Institute in the beginning which gave her the most important knowledge about being an entrepreneur.

Failing is part of the journey but every failure is one step closer to success. Being bold is important: being bold meaning approaching to people for connections, attending events and pitching your idea as often as possible. She said “Your idea is nothing, execution is everything.”

Financial part is important to take care of. You may want to save money in the beginning as you might spend the first year(s) of your entrepreneurial life hustling, bootstrapping and not much earning.

With all the risks and challenges, Ceren shared how exciting it is to have found her own business as it allows her to do something meaningful for the world, realize her vision and do it with people she enjoys working with.

Episode Notes

01:19 Ceren introduces Pabbler

02:31 How Ceren decided to create a startup and what Guy Kawasaki has to do with it

09:29 How Founder Institute supported her and why she suggests it to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur

12:28 How Ceren met Guy Kawasaki and how he influenced Ceren

15:39 Ceren’s previous start-up trials

19:10 How Ceren quit her corporate job and became a full time entrepreneur

26:00 Ceren tells how one can prepare herself to be an entrepreneur

32:14 Ceren’s book suggestions about becoming an entrepreneur

34: 21 How you can get in touch with Ceren and Pabbler

If you’d like to get to know more about Pabbler, visit the website You can also follow Pabbler on Instagram as @pabbler and on Twitter as @pabbler1. You can also send an email to

Here is the book list Ceren mentioned:

  • Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • Good to Great by James Collins
  • Founder’s Dilemma by Noam Wasserman
  • Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis
  • Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Marquez

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