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All of us feel stuck at one point in our careers and in our lives, we cannot see a way out. But some people do. They see a way, they take action and they create unique careers and unique lives. Every week I interview a guest and extract the lessons from their lives. You can now access the worksheet to implement the learnings and get the lessons to your inbox every week!

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In this episode my guest is Simon Jendrian. Simon is an IT professional, founder, and a dancer.Simon arranges his time in a way that gives him enough space to practice dance. He now brings dance and iT together in his new project.If you want to hear more about his mixing things he love (IT and

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Hello! I am the host of Unique Careers, Unique Lives Podcast, I help people align who they are with what they do via coaching and I am the co-founder of BeCoach Academy. My purpose is to create words, emotions, connections & spaces where one can be truly themselves.

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